Battery Equalizer 12v - 48v

Series StrInhaling of storage batteries are used quit commonly with UPS, inverter, Telecom SMPS Power Plants etc. Battery Equalization is to correct this imbalance. Single equalizer can be used for at least 2 number of batteries and maximum for 4 number of batteries connected in series. Lead fumes coming out of conventional Lead Acid Battery regularly is like taking a daily dose of poison. That is why; inverters need new and safer solutions. The fumes emitted by ordinary batteries, cause tiredness, muscle pain and stomach aches, damage the liver, kidney, blood cells and nerves.

Wherever series string of batteries or two or more batteries are used with UPS, Inverter, Telecom inverters etc. an imbalance of voltage in each battery starts happening. This imbalance of voltage may damage the batteries and affect the overall performance of the system. i.e. reduction in back up time, frequent battery replacements etc. To overcome this problem, battery equalization is needed. Su-Kam is the only company in India which makes and offers battery equalizer for all kind of batteries/cells. Battery Equalizer is a stand alone device which can be put with battery bank and doesn’t require any power either from Inverter/UPS or mains. The battery Equalizer regularly checks the battery bank voltage and if any variation happens it automatically corrects the same. Hence it ensures improved and enhanced battery back up and life of the battery bank in short it improves overall system performance.